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The Cintamani Chakra Dharani Sutra




Chapter 1: Diminishing All Bad Karma Dharani



As I heard, the Buddha was at Mount Kailash together with senior Bodhisattva and holy assembly. At that time, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva ordered his clothing, kneeling with right knee on the ground and left knee up and said to Buddha: “Blessed One, I have a great dharani method known as ‘Maha Padma Cintamani Hrdaya Chakra’ (名摩訶波頭摩栴檀摩尼心輪). This Dharani will grant all wishes. If you are so compassionate and permit I to talk, I shall assume the Buddha’s magical power to benefit all sentient beings and preach. So this is the reason. Blessed One, this Dharani can manifest great magical power such as precious jewel. It is as if a wish fulfilling tree and it is able to fulfil all wishes.”


At that time, the Buddha praised Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and said: “Sadhu, sadhu! Due to your compassion and so that all sentient beings can ask accordingly, they shall listen without any hindrances; so speak this dharani.”


After Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has obtained permission, he immediately stood up and holds his hands in prayers position and bowed to Buddha. He then returned to his seat and stared at the holy assembly with compassion and speaks the dharani:


Namo ratnatrayaya nama aryavalokitesvaraya bodhisatvaya mahasatvaya mahakarunikaya tadyatha om cakravarti cintamani mahapadme ruru tista jvala akarsaya hum phat svaha


The above is the body mantra.


Om padma cintamani jvala hum


The above is the heart mantra.


Om varada padme hum


The above is the follow heart mantra (随心咒).


After Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva mentioned these Cintamani Dharani, the earth gave 6 types of quake. Deva, naga, yaksa, ghandarva, asaru, garuda, kinara, maharaga etc. palaces shook. The Demon king and its demonic subjects were all petrified. The demon palace was on fire, accordingly various yaksa and evil spirits all fall flat onto the ground face down. All gates of hells opened, all sinners were liberated and enjoying the supreme joy of the gods. At that time, precious flowers and various precious ornaments fell from the sky as if rain. Melodies were heard in the air as offerings to the Buddha. Then the Buddha speaks in Sanskrit in praise of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva:


Sadhu, sadhu! You virtuous man for the benefit of sentient beings;

Speak this dharani, enabling all sentient beings bestowed with great benefits!


At that time, the Buddha again told Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva: “Virtuous man, it is due to your compassion that you speak these powerful great dharani kings for the benefit of all sentient beings.”


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva replied to the Buddha: “If there are virtuous men and women, bhiksu, bhiksuni, upasaka, upasika, kumara and kumara wish to attain accomplishment in this life, they should be diligent in their practice days and nights. They should not forget this dharani, and there is no need to select auspicious dates and times, it does not matter if they are clean or otherwise. After they completed their recitations, they shall be bestowed with accomplishments. Whatever they ask for, they should recite mantra 108 times; then whatever they wish for shall be accomplished. There are no other dharanis such as this wish fulfilling king of dharani… “


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This is why that all of the past and present bad karma and heavy obstacles can be destroyed. If anyone can recite this dharani, even those who should be cast into Avici阿鼻地獄 can be liberated. All of the heavy sins also can be totally removed, needless to say the rest of the sins. And also all types of disasters and diseases would be removed. If the sickness is due to heat, then it would take one to four days. If it is happening during day time or during the night; or if it is yellow wind (風黃), sputum, heart disease (痰癊) etc. All of the above diseases shall be cured whoever recites the dharani.
If the person suffers from black magic and curses, wet ulcers (), scabies (疥癩), itch, crazy, migraine. And ears, nose, lips, tongue, teeth, throat, mouth, face, head, brain, chest, arm pit, heart and stomach illnesses. And waist, back, feet, hand, head, toe etc. paints shall be cured; whatever illnesses shall be completely cured. All yaksa, raksa, vinayaka, demons, spirits and devas shall not harm this person. He/she would not need to fear war, water, fire, strong wind, rain, hailstorm, enemies, robbers, bad kings or bad thieves; all of the above shall not harm this person. He/she shall not be harmed or met with violent death. And he/she shall be devoid of bad dreams, lizards (), snakes, vipers, scorpions, gecko (守宮), spiders and all poisonous insects. Fierce animals such as lions, tiger and wolf cannot harm. He/she shall be victorious in battlefield. All his/her court cases shall be resolved. Whoever recites this dharani once, all of the above matters shall be according to his/her wish. If this person recites this dharani for 108 times, he/she shall see Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva appear in front of him/she and say: “Virtuous man/woman, don’t you be afraid. Whatever you wish for shall be granted. Amitabah shall appear in front of you. You shall see the solemn Pure Land same as what is described in sutras. You will also meet with all bodhisattva assemblies and tathagathas of ten directions. He/she shall be able to see Avalokitesvara’s palce at Mount Potala. He/she shall have a purified body and that this person shall beloved by all nobles and prime ministers. He/she shall be beloved and supported by sentient beings. He/she shall not be born in a mother’s womb but he/she shall be solemnly and subtly lotus born. Where he/she is born, he/she shall not be born into bad realms and that this person shall always be born in front of the Buddha.

Chapter 2: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva's Secret Treasure Beloved By All



At that time Avalokitesvara pity all sentient beings so he again said this secret Cintamani Chakra Dharani in the hope that two types of self materialize fortunes shall come forth: the first is the worldly fortune and the second is the out of the world fortune.  The worldly fortunes are gold, silver etc. precious items. The out of the world fortunes are those complete solemn with both blessings and wisdoms. The person is pleasant mentally and physically hence beloved by general public. He/she shall be able to relieve sufferings of all sentient beings. His/her compassion shall grow with his/her wisdom. His/her happiness shall also bear benefits and power only that this secret treasure realm should not be told to others.


Anyone who wishes to obtain these supreme experience of Cintamani Chakra Dharani, then he/she should recite this dharani one heartedly at anywhere at any place; clean or otherwise. Then without excessively the person should recite this Cintamani Chakra Dharani in addition, he/she should call upon the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Also by calling the name of the person or thinking of him/her constantly, if king, prince, imperial concubine, queen, Brahman, satria, visa, sudra; weather kumara or kumara and various external paths, if he/she like to see and get close to the person, then he/she should call the target’s name.


The ritual should be performed at 5am every day. If he/she seeks for supreme siddhi, or he/she wishes to see the king, then in 7 days; he/she shall recite dharani 1080 times at 5am. If he/she wishes to see queen or imperial concubine, then he/she should recite the dharani for 900 times. If he/she wishes to see the prince, then he/she should recite dharani for 800 times. If he/she wishes to meet with palace women, then he/she should recite dharani for 700 times. If he/she wishes to see a princess, then he/she should recite dharani for 600 times. If he/she wishes to see Brahman then he/she should recite dharani for 500 times. If he/she wishes to see satria/hero, then he/she should recite dharani for 400 times. If he/she wishes to see Visa, then he/she should recite dharani for 300 times. For bhiksu then he/she should recite 100 times, for upasaka and upasika, he/she should recite dharani for 90 times. For kumara and kumara, the dharani should be recited for 60 times. This is called ‘lesson of acquaintance’ (親近課法) and it can accomplish all matters. Wealth, slaves, houses and everything that the person likes to see and to have; far or near whatever he/she seeks shall come to he/her as fast as the wind blows. Whatever he/she wishes to do his/her wishes shall be accomplished. If one wishes to see Avalokitesvara, then he/she should recite dharani for 1080 times and the bodhisattva shall materialize in front of him/her. If he/she wishes to see vajra, then he/she should recite dharani for 10,000 times and the vajra shall come to him/her and love him/her as the vajra’s beloved son/daughter. If he/she wishes to see all tathagatahs and general public, then he/she should recite dharani for 13,000 times and his/her wish shall be granted. However, if this person continues to recite dharani for 7 days and 7 nights continuously, all of the deities of the dharani shall present themselves in front of this person. And that the deities shall bestow the powers of these dharani to this person and he/she shall be protected by these deities. After the 7 day’s period, the master of 3000 world, the Indra shall come before him/her together with his retinues to grant the person’s wish. Whoever follows the above mentioned method of recitation shall have his/her wishes granted.


Chapter 3: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Dharani Akata Medicine For Love And Joy



Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva again for the pitiful sentient being said the love and joy medicine method (愛樂藥法). This shall make whoever sees this person to give rise to happy heart. One only needs to carry these ingredients equally mixed:


Calculus bovis, white sandalwood, tulip, Dryobalanops camphora (龍腦香), musk (射香), Setaria italic (豆穀子), cloves (丁香), lotus, utpala (青蓮華) and gold foil (金薄).


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One should mix all of the above together with equal quantity of white honey and recites the above mantra for 1080 times. After that he/she should use incense to fumigate his/her body and clothing, or anoint the mixture onto his/her eye cells or on his/her body. The king, queen, prince, ministers, palace woman, men, women and etc shall beloved this person. If this person also gives rise to Bodhi heart, then the nobles shall donate untold amount money and assist him/her in his/her causes. This person shall be as if the sun and moon that everyone shall be loved to meet.

Whatever he/she wishes to do shall be done. If he/she carries this medicine around then all his/her sins shall be diminished. He/she shall be devoid of all dangers. He/she shall be freed from the robbing powers of the king, or can he be drowned, burnt or suffers from various knife or cane injuries or can he/she be poisoned. He/she shall be freed from being tied or any worries. The only condition is that this person must have faith. Having said so, this medicine should not be put into the mouth because it is poisonous.

Chapter 4: Avalokitesvara Cintamani Chakra Mouth Medicine

As Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva pitied sentient beings, he again spoke of the mouth medicine that can make all beings to be loved by all.
One should use dryobalanops camphora (龍腦香), musk, tulip at equal potion and pulverized them and then mix with calculus bovis (牛黃). The above ingredients should be blessed with the above three dharanis each for 1080 times. After that the medicine powder is mixed with water to form pills the size of Indus seed. And then the pills are further empowered with the three dharanis each for 108 times. The pills should be left to dry at a quiet place far from wind and sunlight. When the person is to meet with the king, prime minister or general public, he/she should recite each of the three dharanis each 7 times before putting one pill into his/her mouth. Then when this person speaks, others shall be willing to listen and respect him/her. The listeners also willing to reward this person handsomely; whatever he/she requires shall be granted. Whatever he/she says shall be trusted. Whatever his/her wish is, people shall comply immediately. The person should make a square mandala measuring 4 elbow lengths using perfume in front of the image of Avalokitesvara. He/she should decorate the mandala with various wild flowers. After that white sandalwood incense should be burnt and then medicine pills should be put in the center of the mandala. He/she should use 4 pieces of white mantles to cover the top of the mandala and that 4 white banners should be erected at four corners of the mandala. When the setup is ready, he/she should make offerings to Avalokitesvara and followed by reciting the heart dharani and follow heart dharani each for 108 times. After he/she recited the main dharani for 108 times, he should burn white sandalwood incense and spread the flowers. At this time, whatever one requested shall be granted. If he/she now recollect the medicine in the center of the mandala and brings it along, wherever this person goes, his/her wish shall be granted. Whatever this person says shall be trusted. Everything shall be accomplished unless the person is lack of faith.

Chapter 5: Avalokitesvara Heart Chakra Eye Medicine
At this time, Avalokitesvara pitied sentient beings, so he spoke of the eye medicine:
The main ingredient at equal potion: Mushka (慢室迦), hyssop (拘竪), red lotus, green lotus, foam from sea water (海水末) or powdered squid (烏賊魚末), calculus bovis (牛黃), tulip, Chinese tulip (漢欝金), piper, pepper and dried ginger.
All of the above ingredients should be sifted. If the above ingredient is 1 ounce in weight, then use musk and grind dryobalanops camphora (龍腦香) each half ounce to powder. Mixes both of the ingredients together in front of the image of Avalokitesvara and recite the 3 dharanis each 1080 times and that this person should give rise to compassion heart towards all sentient beings. After that the medicine should be put under the feet of Avalokitesvara and then anoint some onto the idol’s feet. Immediately use copper rod to anoint the medicine onto eyes and head.
If one wishes to cure illnesses of eyes and head, or cataract, faint, tears, red eyes, blind or headache; then one should apply the medicine in the eyes once a day. Then all eye illnesses shall be cured.
If the medicine is used to cure other illnesses in the body, then it takes 2 days. 3 days for curing 84 types of epilepsy, 4 days for removing internal and external obstacles. If one wears the medicine for 5 days, then all enemies, thieves, soldiers and wars shall be defeated and victorious. If the person wears the medicine for 6 days, then all bad karma and upsets, serious sins, bad dreams and insect realms shall be purified and that this person shall not fall into bad realms. If he/she wears it for 7 days, then the king, prime minister and the public shall respect and beloved this person. If he/she wears it for 14 days, then he shall have ultimate freedom. If he/she wears the medicine for 21 days, then the king and prime minister shall come and meet this person. If he/she wears the medicine for 28 days, then all yaksa together with retinues shall be his/her slave. If one wears the medicine for 42 days, he/she shall possess great power, all the sky raksa and demonic entities shall accompany this person until he/she achieves nirvana. If he/she wears the medicine for 49 days, then Mahakala and the 8 divisions shall come and serve him/her. If he wears the medicine for 56 days, then he/she shall be invisible. If he/she wears the medicine for 63 days, then he/she shall be able to see all hidden treasures. On the 70 days, door to asaru palace shall open automatically, he/she shall be able to see everything in the palace, enter and exit as he/she likes freely. On the 77th day, all of the medicines shall present in front of the person in the form of fire; if he/she requests for long life and great power, his/her wishes shall be granted. On the 84th day, all of the treasures in naga palace shall appear in front of this person and he/she can keep as many as he/she like.
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On the 98th day, all the heavenly palace of kamadhatu (欲界) shall open up for him/her to see. On the 105th day, the night shall be as if daylight. On the 112th day, he/she shall be able to see golden earth, vajra earth, the earth and water chakra, wind chakra and angkasa chakra. On the 119th day he/she shall be able to see all beings in the hell under the 4 heavens; and due to his/her ability to see these suffering beings, they too shall be able to be liberated. On the 140th days, this person shall be able to see the great compassionate Avalokitesvara and all his/her wish shall be fulfilled. On the 147th day, this person shall be able to fly in the air; he/she shall be able to see all kamadhatu heavenly palaces which open up to him/her. This person shall repeatedly see all tathagatahs and bodhisattvas and pure lands of all 10 directions. If he/she wears the medicine for 1 year, then he/she shall obtain 5 types of pure clear eyes. If he/she can practise this method, then he/she must first trust this teaching with his/her full heart. He/she must pity all sentient beings and he/she must not doubt, or he/she shall not be able to achieve accomplishment as mentioned above.


Chapter 6: Avalokitesvara Om Agni Dharani Medicine



Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is compassionate towards sentient beings so he said this Om Shri Agin ritual (火唵吉祥法). This ritual can accomplish every matter. It can destroy all worries, obstacles and bad karma. All enemies shall be subdued. All troubles and hatred created by Vinayaka shall subside automatically and never to revisit. All public shall love this person.


First one needs to dig into ground to construct a square fire place the size of one elbow length. Then use equal quantity of marica (摩梨枝/black pepper), marisha (摩練遮), white mustard seed, cheese, honey and ghee and mix them together. And also, one should use Agarwood measuring the length of 12 finger sections as fire fuel in the fire place. Then the person should scoop some medicine, recite mantra once and then offer the medicine to the fire. As such he/she must complete 1080 offerings. This ritual can remove all obstacles and prolong one’s life to 220 years. If one performs this Om ritual for continuous 7 days, then he/she shall have a life span of 1000 years with pure body. If he/she performs the ritual for 14 days, the king, prince, prime minister and common people shall be willing to follow him with respect. If he/she performs the ritual for 21 days, then various retinues of 33 heavens together with 4 heavenly kings and their retinues shall come and accompany this person. Yaksa and vajra shall bestow great results. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva shall grant him/her big wishes. If a kingdom is besieged with drought, then take some white mustard seeds and ghee and recite the second dharani for 3 days. After that burn the mustard seeds and ghee in fire and rain shall fall. If the rain is too heavy and connot stop, then the person can take some homa ash and empower it with reciting 108 times of dharani. And then he/she should spread the ash at all four directions and the rain shall stop. If the place is besieged by heavy hailstorm or a sudden of gale, then still get some homa ash and empower it by reciting dharani for 108 times; then spread the ash towards the direction of the clouds and the storm shall seized. If anyone recites these dharanis, then he/she shall have the power of Narayana and when he/she dies, he/she shall be reborned into Pure Land. He/she shall be destined to achieve enlightenment this life.


At this time Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva talk to Buddha: “Blessed One, this Cinta heart chakra dharani as I have said, if there are bhiksu, bhiksuni, upasaka, upasika, men and women who uphold these dharanis, they shall attain accomplishment; so do not doubt. Whatever one thinks of shall be his/hers. The only requirement is that one must have full faith and one shall not doubt.”


And then Buddha praised Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and said: “Sadhu, sadhu! The great compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasattva. You can speak of this subtle and super Cintamani Dharani sadhana in this Jambu realm for the benefit of all sentient beings etc. If people only need to vow and recite with his/her mouth and results shall be his/hers. Although you depend on me to teach all sentient beings, time again diligently encourage, reward and teach so that results are obtain and present yourself. Anyone who does not transgress my words, then I shall be happy to obliged.”



On hearing the Buddha’s word, he said: “Since uncountable kalpas, I treated sentient beings with compassion heart hence being supported by them and hence I bestow results. The Buddha achieved self realization for the salvation of sentient beings.”


And then Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva completed this Cintamani Chakra Dharani Sutra and all assembly were overjoyed, trust and uphold happily.


Avalokitesvara Secret Treasure Cintamani Chakra Dharani Sutra:


Namo ratnatrayaya nama aryavalokitesvaraya bodhisatvaya mahasatvaya mahakarunikaya tadyatha om cakravarti cintamani mahapadme ruru tista jvala akarsaya hum phat svaha


The above is the fundamental body mantra.


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Om padma cintamani jvala hum


The above is the heart mantra.


Om varada padme hum


The above is the follow heart mantra (随心咒).

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The Buddha's Immeasurable Merit Dharani Sutra



At that time, the Buddha told Ananda (阿難): “You should listen. I will now preach to you and all sentient beings in the degradation age of Buddhism about this Immeasurable Merit Dharani. You should remember it and that you shall benefit sentient beings of future sinful world. Ananda, if any sentient beings hearing this dharani and they recite it 21 times in the morning; then their bad karmas of previous thousand kalpa shall be diminished. They shall be in peace and happy. If one recites this dharani for 100,000 times, then they shall meet with Maitreya Bodhisattva. If he recites for 200,000 times, then he shall be able to see Avalokitesvara. And if he recites 300,000 times, he shall meet with Amitabah. Now the dharani:


Namo ratnatrayaya Namah aryamitabhaya tathagatayarhate samyaksambuddhaya tadyatah amrte amrto dbhave amrta sambhave amrta vihrimte amrta vigalamta gamini gagana kitikare svariva galise sayang kriya svaha”



After Ananda heard the Buddha preached this Immeasurable Merit Dharani, he happily accepts it and took a bow to Buddha and leave.