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Pingala Deva Kumara Sutra (氷揭羅天童子經)

Pingala Deva Kumara Sutra



No. 1263


特進試鴻臚卿大興善寺三藏沙門大廣智不空奉 詔譯


If there is a sadhaka practising this mantra, he/she can feed on elms, or specifically consumes milk porridge or self sustain. He/she should recite mantra for 300,000 times in front of the idol. After that he/she should perform the homa ritual. The sadhaka should get 1,080 pieces of ‘pliable jade’ (玉柔/beef); with once mantra recitation, a piece of beef is thrown into the fire. He/she should perform the homa 3 times a day for 40 days. After one has achieved accomplishment, then whatever he/she wants, shall be granted.


Also if one gets some beef and roll it with some benzoin to form pills on the 8th day to 14th day of a Black Month; and that each day and 3 times a day, the sadhaka recites mantra for 1,080 times and then throws the pills into the fire. The kumara shall come to this sadhaka during day time or at night. Pingala shall come and become the sadhaka’s partner and he shall grant all sadhaka’s wishes. The sadhaka shall be able to deploy this kumara at will.


If one gets some benzoin to make pills and then perform homa 3 times a day for 7 days, each time he/she recites mantra for 1,080 times. After one mantra recitation, a pill is thrown into the fire. Then he/she shall become master of a city; whatever he/she does shall be successful.


Before a sadhaka utilizes this ritual, he/she should first recite mantra for 700,000 times.


The method of making idol: the idol should be made of white sandalwood, measuring 6 fingers length in the form of a kid. Its left hand is holding a fruit while its right hand drops down making a ‘wish fulfilling mudra’ with the palm facing outwards.


The idol should be worshipped in the dharma center with various food, drinks, milk porridge, incense and flowers as offerings. The flower should be red. After one mantra recitation, a piece of red flower is thrown onto the idol of the kumara. Once one has completed 100,000 throws, the kumara shall materialize in front of the sadhaka. Pingala shall satisfy the sadhaka’s needs as this kumara can make donation to 1,000 persons every day with good garment and foods in abundance.


Also another method: 3 times a day every day, one should make 1,080 pills from turusika (蘇合香) and perform homa for 7 days. After that, the kumara shall present to him and instruct the sadhaka on how to get hidden treasure. If the person can recites the mantra every day, then he/she shall receive great benefits and the instructions to hidden treasures, also the way to asaru cave likewise. The kumara shall give instructions that shall satisfy all his/her wishes and obtain great treasures.


If one is being tied up, he/she should recite this mantra and he/she shall be released.


Also if one wishes to beloved by everyone who sees him/her, then he/she should call the person’s name (and the mantra) for 100,000 times. After that, this said person shall like the sadhaka.


If one gets some jonesia asoka Roxb (無憂木) and burns them at the summit of a mountain; and that he/she mixes some benzoin to asoka wood and makes 1,080 pills to perform homa. The sadhaka shall have steady accomplishment, the kumara shall materialize in front of him/her and that his/her lifespan would be 1,000 years.


The dharani mantra reads:


Om tibi tini svaha


Also according to another sadhana:


Om tira tini svaha


The fundamental mudra (根本契):


Both hands in prayers position but the middle both palms do not touching. If one needs to summon, then move both of the thumbs to and fro 3 times. If one wishes to repatriate, then move both thumbs outwards 3 times.


Mantra and mudra to summon Agin (請火天明契):


Om agnaye aga aga svaha


Mantra for repatriate (發遣明):


Om agnaye gacha gacha svaha


The mudra:


Right thumb bent towards the center of right palm. The index finger is making the shape of a hook, and it is laid onto the back of the thumb. To summon: move the index finger 3 times towards the body. To repatriate: then move the index finger outwards 3 times.


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The mudra and mantra for protection (護身契明):


Om kradhana hum ja


One should use right hand to make fist, then erect his/her thumb to touch 5 places of his/her body hence forming the protection.


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Prthivi Sadhana (堅牢地天儀軌)

No. 1286

Prthivi Sadhana



中天竺國大那蘭陀寺善無畏奉 詔譯(亦名輸娑迦羅三藏) 


At that time Prthivi (堅牢地天) and Mahashri (大功德天/Laksim) both rise together from their seats and said to the Buddha: “Blessed One, if there are bhiksu, bhiksuni, upasaka, upasika, kumara, kumara etc. who always meditate on their 5 senses faithfully, I (Prthivi) and Mahashri shall prostrate to them respectfully and make offerings to those who recites our mantra. We (Prthivi and Mahashari) shall persistently provide earth resources to nourish these folks. So that they shall be benefited from prolonged life, the earth energy shall be in abundance at the area and that the sadhaka shall be youthful and powerful. All shall be remembered and be happy and that they shall be diligent (精進). All shall obtain great wisdom and they shall be good in debates.  They shall obtain tri-vidya (三明/3 insights) and sad abhijñāh (六通/ 6 types of supernatural powers). They shall beloved by sentient beings and deva and that they shall obtain immeasurable punya (福德/blessed virtues) as if the virtues of Master Arya Chakraraja (輪王聖主).


They shall be able to stay in every place and the place where the sadhaka stays. For example the heavenly garden of trāyastrimśas (忉利天/33 devas) in this life, in the next and thousands of life until unlimited. They shall obtain vast and great virtues. They shall be taken care of by millions of retinues every day. They shall not become those sentient beings living in hardships. They shall be furnished with various life necessities and that their stores shall always be filled with immeasurable amount of 7 treasures. The precious elephants, precious horse, precious chakra, wish fulfilling precious ladies; all shall come automatically limited to individual life span.


As such, a sadhaka should make offerings of gold, silver, jewels or various life supporting substances to bhiksu. As such the sadhaka starting from beginning of the night till after midnight, a sadhaka either be seated or walks or stands in concentration. He/she should build a temple, a hut or a forest or that he/she always makes offerings of clothing, food, seats, beds, medicines for the sick and various life sustaining substances to the poor. By doing so, the sadhaka shall have a peaceful mind and that he/she shall be free from worries. He/she shall always be happy, obtain merits and accomplishments in dharma practices. Due to such generous donations, he/she shall receive great karma fruits in his/her coming life. He/she shall have deep faith in dharma and that this person shall not be born into bad paths and he/she shall not create bad karmas. We are hence protecting these people who practice compassion heart. As such give rise to various supreme kusala-mula (善根/good causes).”


The Buddha said: “Sadhu, sadhu (good)! This is due to your diligent heart that sees speedily growth of virtuous power in the field of Mahayana.”


At this time Prthivi (堅牢地天) and Mahashri (大功德天/Laksim) spoke to the Buddha: “We wish to benefit all sentient beings and for their happiness, we speak the heart mantra.”


The Buddha told Prthivi: “You are very good for the benefit of all sentient beings that you speak this magical mantra. You can speak as your will.”


Prthivi and Mahashri spoke the mantra: “


Namo samantah buddhanam om prava ratami shri samantah arta arta adhu adhu prthivi prthivi svaha


If there is anyone who has recited this mantra for 100,000 times as preliminary practice and that he/she makes offerings to Prhivi, he/she shall have immeasurable richness and famous. He/she shall have unlimited amount of 7 types of treasures. And that he/she shall accomplish every siddhi.


Secondly, we speak the fundamental body mudra:


With both hands holding in prayer’s position, both of index and small fingers crossing each other in between both palms. Both middle and ring fingers erecting and touching each other; both thumbs are holding onto the sides of the index fingers. Moving both thumbs to and fro hence accomplishing various works.


Thirdly, we speak of various ahoma methods of accomplishment:


If one performs homa with rice flower, then his/her crops shall grow in abundance.


If one uses shati (闍底) flower to perform homa, then he/she shall have 1,000 catty (, about 1.33lb) of silks.


If one uses Japonica rice (粳米) to perform homa, he/she shall obtain immeasurable virtues, life stocks and blessed merits.


If one performs homa at a deva’s place or places where public congregates; he/she shall obtain great richness.


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If one uses barley and wheat to perform homa, he/she shall be rich and famous.


If one uses Hyptis Rhomboidea (兢婁草) to perform homa, then he/she shall get uncountable numbers of life stocks and money.


If one uses sati flower to perform homa in front of an old grave where yaksa lives, he/she shall be filthy rich.


If one uses flower buds to perform homa, then he/she shall beloved by all human beings.


If one wishes to conjure a Japanese god of fortune (福神), then he/she should go to where the deva stays and then uses green horse tail 21 pieces, each measuring 1 inch to perform homa. Then the deva shall come and possess the sadhaka.


If one gets some green horse dung and empowers it in front of the Prthivi for 21 times, then he/she gets a giant stove many sizes of a human into the mandala. If he/she anoints some of the empowered horse dung onto the top of the stove head, he/she shall be rich and everything shall be according to his/her wish.


If one gets 21 pieces of hairs from a green horse to be offered to Japanese god of fortune. The god shall be happy and bestows the sadhaka with good fortune.


If one gets some soils from stove head from a fortunate household on the 8th day of lunar 12th month (臘月) and goes to sadhaka for treatment; then this person shall be rich. Before collecting dirt, one should recite mantra for 21 times. This should be done by a devadatta upasa (須達多優婆塞/servant), altar servant (壇畢理優婆塞), virtuous treasure and light servants.


When the earth energy is too strong causing troubles to catasrah parsadah (四眾), then recites the above mantra to empower and the agony shall be removed.


If one gets some soils from an elder’s pestle to perform homa, he/she shall get richness.


If one gets some soils from the grave of an elderly to perform homa, he/she also gets richness.


Possible method of drawing Prthivi image: a deva Prthivi with flesh color, his left hand is holding a bowl filled with flower; his right palm facing outwards. A devi Prthivi also having color of flesh with her right hand embracing her heart, her left hand also touching her back.”


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The Prthivi Sadhana One Scroll


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Gandhararaja Bodhisattva Dharani Mantra Sutra

No. 1157
Gandhararaja Bodhisattva Dharani Mantra Sutra




Namo ghandara ratna trayaye. Namo aryavalokitesvaraye. Bodhisattvaye mahasattvaye. Namo cinta raga ratuye. Boddhisattvaye. Mahasattvaye. Iti miti hati mati sarva antasa tami karispanati bhumi paliyaktsa svaha.


This dharani should first be recited faithfully for 100,000 times. Then the sadhaka should make a square mandala measuring 4 elbows length. One should make offerings of flowers and good incense. Ghee lamps should be lighted during the night and this should be done continuously. The sadhaka should rise at midnight and change into clean clothing and tidied his/her garment. He/she should recite this dharani for 1,080 times in front of the idol until dawn without falling into slumber. Then someone shall send him/her money and gifts.


If one wishes to request for larger matter, then he/she should draw the image of Gandhararaja Bodhisattva on a piece of silk. The artist should fast after noon time and that he/she should embrace 8 precepts. The size of the image does not matter. The color of the Gandhararaja should be all white with perfect facial features. His head is wearing a deva-crown and wearing a necklace of precious stones. His right arm drops down with fingers extended forming abhaya-dana mudra (施無畏). Nectar drips down as if rain water drops down from Gandhararaja’s right fingers as offering to sentient beings of 5 realms (五道). The artist should draw 3 to 5 number of black ghosts under the bodhisattva’s hand. His left arm is bent towards the left holding a lotus. The lotus grows from under the feet (of Gandhararaja) and its colors are white and red colors. The lotus under the bodhisattva’s feet is also of white and red colors. A round circle of light is at the back of his neck. There is a atapatra (傘蓋/canopy) on top of Gandhararaja. The bodhisattva is wearing garment made from 5 color brocades. He is wearing double layer pearls on his shoulders: one string is of red and the other yellow in color. The drawing should be completed on that day and one should not use hide gum.


When the drawing is ready, the sadhaka should burn incense in front of the idol and recites mantra for 100,000 times. He/she should fast for one day and one night. First the sadhaka should construct a large square mandala. After that he/she should use sandalwood to rub it. And he/she should also make 8 numbers of small square mandala measuring 12 fingers length. At the beginning, the sadhaka should use 3 mandalas: one mandala is for offering to Buddha, one mandala for offering to dharma and one for offering to sangha. The fourth mandala is for offering to Amitabah, the fifth mandala is for offering to Avalokitesvara, the sixth is offering to Mahāsthāmaprāpta Bodhisattva (大勢至菩薩), the seventh is for offering to Gandhararaja Bodhisattva and the eighth is for all kind spirits (善神).


Good foods, fruits, incense and flowers should be places on all 4 sides of the mandalas. The offerings should be made during the 14th or 15th days of every month. One should get 1,080 stems of shati (the passage refers to nutmeg flower) flowers, after one mantra recitation, a piece of flower is thrown onto the chest of the idol. After the initial ritual, the sadhaka should rise at midnight and recites mantra for 1,080 times; then someone shall automatically give him/her money. However, the money should be spent and one should not be stingy or greedy. The money should be spent and to help the poor. This is the Gandhararaja Bodhisattva method.


Also there is another short method:


The sadhaka should first take ritual bath and change into new clothing, and then embraces 8 precepts. He/she should clean and perform boundary protection as any other mandala method. The sadhaka should decorate and make offerings and he/she should spread flowers around the mandala, burns incense and light oil lamps.


He/she should rise at midnight and sited in the mandala. The sadhaka should recite mantra for 1,080 times. He/she also needs 1,080 pieces of jambu (瞻蔔/black plum) flowers. After reciting mantra once, a piece of jambu flower is thrown onto the body of the bodhisattva. During the japa, one needs not listen to the twitter of the birds and one should consume the 3 whites (sugar, milk and wheat) when breaking fast. One should burn benzoin as offering. The sadhaka should take ritual bath everyday with scented water. He/she should not wear clothing and he/she should clean him/herself after visiting toilet.


At dawn and at midnight, the sadhaka should chew willow twigs before entering the mandala for performing japa. He/she should concentrate and does not think of external matters. By doing so, he/she shall be able to meet face to face with clear light. Once light is seen, the sadhaka can stop and rest. If no light is present, then his/her body shall move or something in the mandala shall move. Then where ever he/she goes shall enjoy great return. The key to the successful japa is that one should not break the precepts. His body should not come into contact with woman. Once a contact is made, then he shall not see signs of success.