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Stri Samaya Acalanatha Krodha Raja Cetaka Sadhana (不动明王)


 開府儀同三司特進試鴻臚卿肅國公食邑三千戶賜紫贈司空諡大鑒正號大廣智 大興善寺三藏沙門不空奉 詔譯   

At that time Sakyamuni Buddha told Vajradhara Boddhisattva: “I shall now tell you of a magically powerful servant. He can benefit and accomplish all careers. But first one should purify one’s mind and concentrate at one point. He/she should prostrate to all Buddha and bodhisattvas. This person should repent so that his/her trividha-dvara (三業/body, speech and mind) is purified. And that he/she can start perform any ritual. If one performs ritual with a impure mind, then the master has offended the Samaya. So he/she should recite the below mantra 3 times a day and his/her sins as mentioned above shall be purified. The mantra:

Namo striya dhibikanam sarva tathagatanam. Am viranam maha vajra vajri sata sata sarate sarate trayi trayi vidhamani sambbamjani tramati siddhagriya tram svaha.

If one wishes to be brief, he/she should recite the below mantra 7 times and then use his vajra to empower his 5 places: forehead, two shoulders, heart and throat. After that he/she should move the vajra above his head and recite below mantra. This is the brief method:

On Acala kana jana sataya hum phat

One should wash and clean by washing his/her hands and rinses his/her mouth. After that he/she should go to his altar and prostrates to the Buddha and repents for his/her sins. And then with a pure heart, he/she should hold his/her hands together in prayer’s position. He/she should use both of his thumbs to press onto his/her forehead. When his/her heart is calmed; the below Samaya mantra (三昧耶明) should be recited:

Namo sarva murti satvam Namo susiddhi satami abhi karumi lurami trayi abhigatimam. Nama sudra pamam stri dayake bhyo mamha hrih bibi svaha

And then the mantri should use invisible mudra (安隱明印) and mantra for protection:

One should cross both small fingers inward and protruding them out in between the bases of index fingers and thumbs. Both middle fingers erect, both ring fingers lay on the back of middle fingers; both index fingers holding ring fingers. Both thumbs and middle fingers are erected thus forming the mudra.

The mantra:

Nama samantah buddhanam Om hara hara maha minita hum phat

A mantri should secondly purify his obstacles. After he/she has cleaned his/her mental and physical defilements; he/she is deemed to be pure. There are two types of washing: The first is internal, and the second is the external. The internal purification is one should give rise to loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity (四無量心), selflessness and various views towards all sentient beings. The external purification is using water to clean one’s body.

One should make the Samaya mudra (三昧耶 ) and recite the Samaya mantra (三昧明). Then one should use vajra mudra (杵印) and mantra (杵明) to clean his/her defilments: One should use his right index finger to touch his thumb while the rest of the 3 fingers rise as vajra. The mantra:

Om acala gana cinca sataye hum phat

After that I shall mention the method of purification of water and earth. First one should first wash his/her waist and below and wash his clothing. Also he/she must wash his/her hands and rinse his/her mouth etc. The mudra:

First, one should hold his/her hands together as if in prayer. Then his/her thumbs are bent into the palms. This mudra is then used to stir water in a clockwise direction. It is the same if one wished to purify the earth. The mantra:

Nama samantah vajra natara tram kajana maha rusana sapa traya hum hum trasaya trasaya hum trata ham

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After the mantri has clean he /she inside and out, he/she should perform boundary protection (結界). Immediately he/she should raise his/her right index finger while the rest of the four fingers forming fist thus forming the mudra. He/she should use this mudra to make a right turn hence forming boundary protection. However, if the mudra is turned left, that would become undoing boundary (解界) or elimination (辟除). After reciting the mantra, it would become boundaries of 10 directions (十方界):

Om hum maha simapatani muta muta vajra am jirini hum phat

Secondly, one should make the ‘armor mudra’ (被甲印):

First one should make the prayer’s hand gesture and then bent both index fingers and ring fingers into the palms. Thus opening up and erecting thumbs, middle and small fingers. Hence the mudra looks like a three pronged vajra (等如三股金剛杵). This is called Vijaya Vajra Amor Mudra (無能勝金剛甲印). And the mantra:

Om hum vajra maga vajra kavajihu vajra hum phat

One should use this mudra to empower 5 places thus forming body armour. After that the mantri should take a quick wash and then perform the ‘empowerment mudra’ (灌頂印):

First one should make the prayer’s gesture and then crossing ring fingers and small fingers inward, both of middle finger tips touching, both of index fingers lean onto middle finger nails; both of thumbs holding ring fingers forming the mudra.

The empowerment mantra (灌頂印明):

Nama striye dhibikatanam sarva tathagatonam hrih satanabhiye laksmi bhisaja bhisaja tram nutibhavara vati mara zhuli svaha

Then one should make the ‘armour mudra’ and take a bath. When the mantri changed into new clothing, he/she should recite the below mantra: 

Om hum satye sasi hum raksa hum phat

Then one should make the ‘Vajra Asana Mudra’ (金剛座印):

When a mantri uses this mudra to empower his/her dwelling place, the place would transform into indestructible vajra land. One should imagine that there is a vajra asana (金剛座). The mudra takes the form of meditation mudra with right palm pressing on left palm; both palms facing up.

Now recite the below mantra:

Om hum vajra sani vam hum phat

The mantri should use this “mudra of all tathagatah arising” (如來所生印) while sitted on vajra asana to arrange all of the holy assemblies of tathagatahs. One should use mudra to empower. The mudra:

With both palms facing upwards, fingers are crossed forming a fist and then erecting both small fingers.

Now recite the mantra:

Namo sarva buddhanam titstvam namaravikara todhi erni harasi svaha

After one has arranged all of the holy assemblies to be seated, the mantri should use the tathagatah mudra and imagine argha (閼伽/scented water) to be presented to all Buddha, bodhisattva, Usnisa (佛頂) etc. Anyone who can perform this type of offerings in conjunction to sadhana recitation, and then he/she shall receive speedily accomplishment.

Again, the mentri should imagine the Acala is sitted in the centre and then he/she should use the above empowerment mudra as offering. Immediately he/she should recite the mantra 3~7 times. After that, the mantri should prostrate to various holy assemblies. Following that, he/she should use the “boundary protection mudra”: with the turning of left becomes the releasing of boundary. Also makes the “Samaya Mudra” and then he/she enters the altar and performs repentance as usual while on his/her way.

When one enters the altar, he/she should take his vajra and empowers his/her 5 places to remove obstacles. Followed by making boundary protection and the invitation to the Satyadevata and then the mantri should be sitted.

Again the mantri should use the “all tathagatah arising” mudra to perform argha (scented water) offering to the Satyadevata accompanied by 3~7 times mantra recitation. Further he/she should perform the above mentioned empowerment method and make offerings to the Satyadevata.

And then the mantri can meditate to calm his/her body and mind. Later, he/she should perform the “wall” etc. boundaries. First make the “wall” (牆界):

Both palms touching on the small finger edges, both of ring fingers and middle fingers bent toward the centre of the palms, both of index fingesr at the sides of middle fingers with tips forming hooks. Both of thumbs hold onto the lower portion of index fingers. Now, raise this mudra on top of one’s head and turn clockwise three times. This is the “Indestructible Vajra Wall” mudra.

The mantra:

Om hum vajra mandali muta muta hum phat

Secondly make the Vajra Net Mudra (金剛網印):

First hold hands in prayer’s position. Then both index fingers and ring fingers are bent towards the palms with right on top of left. Now thumbs, middle fingers and both small fingers opening up. Now raise the mudra above one’s head and turn clockwise. This is the Vajra Net.

The mantra:

Om hum vajra sara puvamimu hum phat

Then make the Vajra Flame Realm (金剛火焰界). One should use this mudra to enhance the prestige. This mudra shall form great flames outside of the vajra wall, both top and bottom preventing all obstacles from disturbing the mantri. The mudra:

With both palms lean back to back and all 10 fingers crossing each other.

The mantra:

Om vajra ravali hum phat

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After performing the boundary protection, one should empower food, beverages, incense, flowers, and lamps etc as offerings. The mudra:

First one should make the mudra of prayer with 10 fingers slightly bent and each fingers pointing.

One should use this mudra to empower all of the offerings by reciting the mantra 7 times then all his/her wishes shall be fulfilled quickly. Again, one should use this mantra to empower one’s heart and meditate. He/she should imagine that all types of flowers in this world: on land or in the water, together with various beautiful flowering and fruit trees. Also various treasures in mountain and sees are all congregated as if cloud as offerings. Then the mantri should recite wonderful khata to empower them in meditation.

The khata reads:

Due to my own merits, and the empowerment of tathagatahs; I wish this cloud of flowers to fill all tathagatahs pure lands as offerings to all tathagatahs, also all maha bodhisattvas. Again one should further ponder 5 types of offerings in order that one’s merit would grow; so that all his/her wishes to attain siddhi are fulfilled so that one becomes Buddha. First I shall speak of the merits of mantra of incense paste. It can remove severe poisons and heat troubles of a mantri and causing the mantri to have clean karma thus achieving enlightenment.

The mantra:

Namo striye nava gatanam sarva tathagatonam asamamudu tamisumudu tamisumuta vati sapara sigaga Nama hana gani visavaka satami svaha

Secondly I would speak of flower offering in accumulation of merits to mantri. All of his/her defilements of three lives shall be purified completely. He/she shall immediately achieved accomplishment. This is because of this merit.

The mantra:

Namo striye navagatanam sarva tathagatanam avalokite maha pushpe vama svaha
Then I shall talk about merits of burning incense. If one uses this mantra to empower incense, then all troubles caused by obstacles of his/her karma shall be removed. In addition that the mantri practices good karma, and then people a far shall come to visit him/her and empower him/her. His/her dharmakaya shall be covered by fragrance cloud encompassing all 10 directions as offering to Buddha and bodhisattvas.

The mantra:

Namo striye navagatanam sarva tathtagatanam om agali sici sici dhuma sici svah

Now I talk about the merits of food offering mantra to Buddha. The mantra can enable a mantri to achieve enlightenment, free from torment of three hardships (三苦) and proves the perfection of three bodies (三身). 

Namo striye nava gatanam sarva tathagatanam om valinata shimahavari svaha

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I shall talk about the merits of light offerings. It can make a mantri achieve swift accomplishment in his/her sadhana practice and achieve wish-fulfilling enlightenment. His/her light would encompass the dharmadatu (universe). The merit of light offering can also solve ignorance problems of sentient beings in three realms.

The mantra reads:

Namo striye nava gatanam sarva tathagatanam agatisra lamdini rudri sici svaha

Above I have spoken 5 types of offerings: incense paste, flower, incense, food and lamp. All mantras should be recited 8 times each and this shall make all offerings to encompass the dharmadatu. Again one should further empower the offerings so that they are more powerful and all visualizations shall become true objects so as to be offered to various holy assemblies. All sentient beings once received these offerings shall be able to use them physically. One should recite this mantra 8 times dana-paramita (檀波羅蜜).

The mantra reads:

Namo sarva buddhajati satvam sarva takam wuna yati sapara simaya yanajian svaha

One should further ponder and make true wish and say:

“Due to my practice of merits, it is hoped that all these wonderful offerings shall encompass all 10 realms. In front of all holy assemblies, please enjoy these negligible offering of mind. They are all empowered by mantras and hence become true fortune.”

The mantra reads:

Namo sarva buddhajati satvam sarva tarasang jusumita biralasi vinama suduti svaha

One should further make the Acala fundamental mudra and recite the fundamental mantra 3 times. This shall make the Acala to be happy and hence empowers the mantri for speedy success. This time the mantri should watch his/her mind as offerings of external money is considered as light; now one should further let go of his/her internal money which are his/her body and mind as offerings to various tathagatahs, bodhisattvas and holy assemblies. Once should say this:

“It is my humble hope that the holy assemblies give me great empowerment and that they always think of me.”

He/she should make the above plead 3 times so that holy assemblies shall keep their words. One should immediately repent for all his/her sins.

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It is my wish that all ten sins from uncountable times shall be purified. One should further dedicate one’s good karma and the merits of reciting sadhana to all sentient beings so that they too shall achieve enlightenment. One should recite the below mantra 8 times so that all of his/her wishes shall not fall into void.

The mantra reads:

Namo sarva Buddha jati stvam namo sudu timaha vajrasi sarva sidamkara tista salami sata manam tistasu svaha

Secondly one should also make the “empowerment mudra” (灌頂印) as above and recites mantra to empower oneself. Then one should make the “eyes of space” mudra (虛空眼印) to protect oneself and his/her satyadevata (本尊). The mudra:

Both hands in prayer’s position but with centre of palms not touching (虛心合掌). With both of index finger tips bent till first section of middle fingers. Both thumbs erected hence forming the mudra. Recite below mantra:

Namo striye navanagati bhisatva tathagata om yayana jani yaya sama sarva duru yatati sara sambava jvala nama arganam svaha

After one has performed the body protection, then the mudra is opened up as if holding some object. This is the “holding mala mudra” (捧念珠印). One should recite this mantra to empower his/her mala so that he/she can speedily accomplish siddhi:

Namo vajra muci sarva tathagati vidya payavamtava piya taydatah: jail mutali zamtali matangdhibin yaritaya gataviya sita tuti hum jvari toti shiyine kara yam juru svaha

Now, one should make the “dharmadatu arising mudra” (法界生印) to empower oneself to remove all obstacles. The mudra:

With both index fingers and ring fingers bent towards centre of palms and hooking with each other; both thumbs and middle finger tips touching each other. One should use this mudra to first press onto his/her left shoulder, then right shoulder and finally the mudra is released on top of one’s head. Below mantra should be recited on each press of the mudra:

Namo sarva Buddha viti stvam arsa vata sarva tara loki svaha

Then one should make the above “eyes of space” and recite mantra 7 times (this is also known as heart’s portion). After reciting the mantra, one should visualize that various tathagatahs and bodhisattvas filled the space in front of him/her. The satvadevata and retinues stay in the space in front of him/her. The mantri should hold his/her mala with both hands with a calm mind. He/she should hold the mala in front of his heart and steadily recite mantra as long as he/she can according to his/her ability. He/she should recite mantras unlimited three times a day unceasingly. The maximum number is not limited but at least one should recite 1,080 times. After the mantra recitation, the mantri should recite the “eyes of space” mantra to empower the mala before he/she stores away his mala.

And then the mantri should make the fundamental mudra and recite 100 syllables mantra (百字明) to empower oneself so that he/she shall attain speedy accomplishment. The 100 syllables mantra (百字明) reads:
Om ah samasama samantah dunata tatva bhitise sani hara hara samara nasamana viyato Buddha dharmati sara sara. Samvara hara hara taraye taraye gana gana maha mara yaksani jvala jvala nasaka svaha

After the recitation of 100 syllables mantra, the mantri should visualize his/her satyadevata, tathagatahs and holy assemblies as clearly as possible. Then he/she should make vast offerings as above mentioned to the holy assemblies he/she has visualized. After that, the mantri should sincerely make dedication and expresses his/her wish. He/she should mention the below:

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“I wish that all good karma from my dharma practices and the empowerments from my sadhana shall be dedicated to all sentient beings. May all leave these samsara (suffering) three realms and speedily attain enlightenment.”

After one has expressed dedication, the mantri should make various boundary protection mudras. One should remember that left turn to release the boundary. Also one should make above mentioned empowerment mudra.

Now one should make the “Tathagatah Of Light Mudra” (燈焰如來):

With both small finger tips touching and erected thus form the mudra.

Now one should recite the tathagatah of light mantra (燈焰如來). One can request all holy assemblies to return to their pure lands by turning the mudra counter clockwise.

The mantra readas:

Namo striye nava nuyatanam om hrih

Secondly one should make the samaya mudra to prostrate to the holy assembly and then the mantri can stand up and leave the altar. After that the mantri should turn to recite Mahayana (摩訶衍), Mukha-puspaka (花嚴) etc. sutras. It is of his/her freewill to do so. If the mantri wishes to consume food and various medicines, he/she should use this mantra to empower foods. The method is to recite below mantra 8 times before eating. Then all obstacle makers shall not be able to harm. The mantra reads:

Namo sarva Buddha jati stvam om valamna niti rumalini svaha

If a mantri can be diligent in his dharma practice and performing offerings, then he/she should leave some food in a separate containers during his/her daily meals. After that he/she should make the Acala fundamental sword mudra to empower food by reciting mantra 7 times. After that the foods are placed at a clean place as offerings. The mantri’s right hand should make fist, erecting the index and middle fingers while ring and small finger are bent towards the center of the palm and then hold by thumb.

The mantra reads:

Namo samantah vajra na tarata amogha jana maha rusana sapa taye hum tramaye tramaye hum trat ham

When one offers food and drinks to Acala, the Acala had expressed his wish that he would become the mantri’s servant with great compassion heart. He would appear in the form of a blind servant and willing to accept on this remnant food. If the mantri has not forgotten the Acala, he shall stay and protect the mantri days and nights. No demons, vinayaka and other obstacle makers shall be able to trouble the mantri. The Acala shall quickly fulfill all wishes even the difficult ones.

If the mantri first make the “room purification and solemn mudra” (淨室莊嚴印) before he/she go to bed at night:

First one should bend his/her left hand back and press the back of his/her left hand onto his/her heart. And then one should bend his/her right hand at his back. After that both hands are raised on top of one’s head and both hands are joined together (on top of the head). Then, both hands are parted and rubbing against one’s body downwards while reciting below mantra:

Namo striye nava nuyatanam sarva tathagatonam maha samayegati samagara mamata garama triloki citama tava dianta sanghati svaha
After the mantri has purified him/herself, then he/she should extend his/her arms on top of his/her head. With both legs standing on ground facing east, relaxing both feet and making prostration. During the prostration, the mantri should visualize all tathagaths and bodhisattvas are in their own pure lands. He/she should make this thought this thought:

“I shall now sacrifice myself as slave in order to serve and make offerings to all tathagatahs. My only hope is that the holy assemblies would accept me with compassions. May I attain the top most accomplishment.”

After one has made the above pledge 3 times, the mantri can rest at will. He/she should always recite the mantra and that he/she is always prepared to act. Also it is mentioned in the Acala ritual chapter (不動尊法品):

“The Buddha said, Acala servant can benefit all matters. If a mantri wishes to perform various rituals, he/she should first recite mantra for 100,000 times. After that, on the 8th day or 15th day of each month, he/she should prepare sumptuous offerings. And that he/she should perform homa with 1080 pieces of Chinaberry wood (苦練) and ghee. One should take one piece of wood and recite mantra once; after he/she has completed 1,080 offerings; whatever rituals he/she does shall be successful. Whatever the mantri says, people shall respect him/her and no one shall go against his/her words. If one wish to perform divination, to deploy, destroy and any matters according to his/her wishes; all shall come true.

Also during the day of moon eclipse, if one collects some cow dung that has not yet fallen onto the ground. And that he/she uses this cow dung to paint the mandala regardless of its size. Also he/she also spreads various flowers onto the mandala. In addition he put Maha Prajnaparamita Sutra in the center. Then the mantri pours some ghee made from cow and calf of same color into a treated copper bowl, and stirs the ghee with a piece of kataka wood or willow wood measuring 12 fingers length. If one recites mantras unceasingly in one’s altar until 3 signs are present. The ritual should be stopped when the eclipse is over. Also if one paints mandala on the summit of a mountain and that he/she fasts while reciting mantra for 100,000 times, he/she shall be able to notice all hidden treasures.”

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Also if one slowly pours milk into fire and performs homa and recites mantra for 1,000 times; all of epidemic shall be cured.

If one gets some Hyptis Rhomboidea (俱屢草) to anoint with ghee, cheese and honey; and then offered to fire for 100,000 times, then even severe epidemic can be cured.

If one gets some lotus flowers and anoints them with ghee, cheese and honey, and performs homa for 100,000 times, then the Padma Sri Devi shall come and bestow him/her wishes.

If one enters into water of a river mouth that faces the sea at chest level and that he/she recites mantra for 300,000 times; the person shall get Devi Saya (得尾沙耶).

If one gets an assortment of flowers and offers them into fire, then he/she shall get clothing the colors of the flowers he/she offered.

If he/she burns 5 types of grains, then he/she shall get grains of any amounts that he/she wishes.

If one gets Virava wood to perform homa for 100,000 times, he/she shall beloved by a raja (囉闍王).

If one gets Priyangu (必哩商隅/fox millet) wood to perform homa, then he/she shall beloved by all parties.

If one uses willow wood to perform homa, then he/she shall get uncountable numbers of servants.

If he/she burns barley (大麥), then elders (長者) shall come.

All of the above mantra should be recited for 100,000 times.

Secondly, I would talk about the method to draw Acala image:

First one should use a clean cloth to draw the Acala idol. He is wearing red soil color skirt, a pigtail is hanging down at his left and he has a hair bun with strabismus eyes. He is holding a sword in his right hand and his left hand is holding a noose. Acala is sitting in a precious lotus frowned with hatred expression and he is in the form of trilokivijaya (overpowering the three times).

As such after the drawing is completed, it should be setup on a river bank or at a beach. The mandala should be anointed and the idol is setup accordingly. The mantri should wear red clothing and he/she should calm his/her mind and feed on elm food. One must recite mantra 500,000 times in front of the idol and at midnight, he/she should get 10,000 section of jama (詹末/blackberries) wood, after one mantra recitation, a piece of blackberry wood is thrown into the fire. After the ritual, the Acala shall present himself to grant all the mantri’s wishes; whatever the mantri do shall be successful. The mantri himself/herself shall become the servant of tathagatah. He/she shall attain Samadhi and has the same status of various bodhisattvas.

If one wishes to subdue bad people, then he/she should get a piece of cloth from cemetery and draw the image of Acala. He/she should use his/her own blood to draw the Acala image. The Acala should face west and the mantri sited facing east in performing mantra recitation. For 3 times a day the mantri should wash him/her body and wear wet clothing. He/she should recite mantra for 100,000 times. After that, all his/her ritual workings shall be fruitful. The mantri should continue to make food offerings to all spirits.

Also during the 8th day and night of Black Month, a mantri can go to cemetery to get ‘mayat manusia’ (母耶摩奴沙/corpse) and sits on it to recite mantra for 10,000 times. After that the corpse shall move. The person should not be afraid as it shall open its mouth and a lotus bloom shall emerge from the corpse’s mouth. He/she should plug the lotus as this shall make the mantri looks like a 16 year old kumara/kumara (youth) with hairs as if lotus rings. He/she shall be able to ascend and tour the Brahmapura and becomes the Maha Vidyadhara Raja Adhipati (大明王主).

Also if one recites mantra three times a day in front of the idol and that he/she burns agarwood as incense for full 6 months, his/her ‘devi saya’ (得尾沙耶/desired person) shall come.

If one wishes his/her opposition army to disperse, then he/she should empower his own army banner with mantra for 11 times. After that he/she should hold the banner in front of the army and thus the enemy shall retreat.

Also if one wishes to transfix his/her opposition army, then he/she should draw the image of Acala yellow in color with 4 faces and 4 arms; the Acala should show his fangs and making hatred, wrathful and intimidating expression. His body is engulfed by flames and light that in turn transform in the form of heavenly soldiers. The mantri should flag the banner towards the enemies and visualize that the Acala uses his noose to bind the enemies causing them to be transfixed.

Also if one wishes to make the enemies to have discord and disperse on their own, then collect some crow, owl, falcon and pigeon feathers; empowers the feathers and perform homa for 1,000 times. After that the enemies shall start quarrel within themselves.

If one wishes to kill a sudra (捨覩嚕), then take some rice chaff (稻糠) and empowers them with mantra and throw the empowered rice chaff into the fire. He/she should in addition visualize the sudra is bound by Acala with his noose. After the ritual, the sudra shall face south in suffocation, vomit blood and succumbed. All of his/her retinues shall also be destroyed and none shall remain.

If one wishes to kill the leader of opposition army, then he/she should mesh some salt, soil, wax and chinaberry leaves to form the person’s manikin. This manikin is then placed on the ground and accompanied with mantra recitation the manikin’s head is cut off hence ending the person’s life.

If one wishes to cause poverty and starvation to his/her enemies, then empower some rice/paddy (稻穀); the enemies shall become poor.

If one wishes his/her enemies to surrender to him/her, then he/she should make the ‘Acala Eye Mudra” and says syllable ‘hum’ with hatred and wrathful voice. At the same time, he/she should visualize that the Acala drives various spirits to bind and drag the enemies’ general; thus the enemies shall surrender.

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If one wishes to be mahasuka (大愛樂/supreme joy), then use 7 types of salt and make the target’s manikin, then recites mantras on and off for 7 days; the person shall come to him/her.

If one gets some Kusuma (俱蘇摩) flower and perform homa for 100,000 times, a yakshini shall come. She shall grant the mantri 3 wishes.

Also if one gets some datura (曼陀羅) flowers and call the target’s name as empowerment, the person shall be in turmoil.

If one burns empowered salt, then devi (天女) shall come to the person and does as he wishes.

Also if one empowers benzoin and burns it, then the king and his ministers shall remember this person.

Also I shall speak of the method of drawing idol:

In the center should be drawn Sakyamuni Buddha. The Manju Kumara is at the left while on the right is the Vajradhara (執金剛菩薩) with smiling face holding a vajra. Under Vajradhara should be drawn the Acala adorned with various ornaments. One should recite mantra for 500,000 times in front of the idol and after that all his/her ritual workings shall be effective.

Also if one gets some cremation ashes and empower it by reciting mantra 7 times, and then let his/her target consume; then the target shall fall in love with the mantri.

If one gets some calculus (牛黃) and recites mantra 7 times. After that he/she uses the calculus to anoint his forehead and then everyone who sees him/her shall respect him/her. In addition, vinayaka shall not be able to harm the mantri.

Also if one writes Sanskrit syllables on his/her body, then all raksas and trouble makers within 100 yojana shall retreat.

If a person is bitten by a snake, and after 6 months that he/she has not recovered; he/she should recite mantra and draw the sign of sword on his shoulder, then he/she shall recover.

If one draws giant snake Kulika (律迦大蛇) entangling a sword. Flames should be encircling this sword and that he/she recites mantra for 1,000 times.  If the mantri shows this sword to a sick, the sick shall tell him/her the truth. If the sick is being empowered with 108 times mantra, then the Acala and retinue shall protect him/her.

If a person empowers some remnant foods and place it in a clean place as offering; then the Acala shall grant him/her wishes.

If heavy rains falling nonstop, the mantri should give rise to hatred and angrily shouts HUM. Then the thick rain clouds shall disperse.

If one gets some thorny woods (棘刺) and anoint them with rudraksa (羅視迦) oil to perform homa. The heavy rain shall stop. This shall also perform major boundary protection and accomplishes all matters.

Also if one draws the idol of Acala wearing red clothes. A pigtail is on his left and strabismus. The Acala is in the shape of a kumara, with right hand holding a vajra at chest level, his left hand is holding a precious wand. His eyes are slightly red and sitted in a lotus. The Acala has the expression of wrath and hatred with flames engulfing his body.

One should make the mudra of beloved and happiness (愛樂印) and perform the sadhana recitation. Then all matters shall be accomplished. According to the above recitation, then to fly in the air, to be invisible and all matters concerns love and happiness shall be accomplished accordingly. If there is no idol, then one should stay alone, in a quiet place or in a temple; or in a cave or any place far from noise. Whatever one asks for shall also be accomplished.

Also if one empowers a malaria patient with mantra, then malaria shall be cured.

Also if one empowers a mirror, and he/she summonses the Acala into the mirror to perform divination; whatever he/she wanted to know shall be told.

Also if one gets a kumara or kumara and let him/her washes himself/herself and changes into new clothing; and then the mantri leads this kumara/kumara into the altar as a medium. Then whatever the mantri asks, the medium shall be able to answer.

If one wishes to accomplish Sikala (繫迦囉/Vishnu) method, then on the noon of 1st day of a White Month, one should make offerings of various fragrant flowers. He/she should recite mantra for 108 times and that he/she also visualizes all tathagatahs and bodhisattvas to come and empower. One should perform sadhana recitation as such for 1 month. After that the mantri should get some chinaberry woods (苦練木), together with arka wood that was anoint with ghee; and then mixes with white mustard seeds to be offered into fire. The ritual should start from 9pm to 11pm until 7am; then Sikala shall come to meet the mantri and asks: “What is the matter you call me?”

After the mantri had made a pact with Sikala, he shall always follow the mantri and grants hem/her wishes. The mantri should make offerings of food, beverages, willow woods, and water etc according to his/her ability. Then Sikala shall always at the mantri’s side and the mantri can deploy Sikala to obtain devi from the heaven if he likes.

I shall further mention the ‘fundamental mudra’ (根本印):

With both middle fingers hooking at each other, both index finger tips erect and touching each other; both thumbs pressing on ring finger nails.

The mantra:

Namah samantah vajra nam hum vijri dhavikara maha lista tista cinusi sata hara antara mara taraja juramuka jvala pilu rata kisa hum vajra gara hum phat
Second I shall speak of the ‘heart mudra’ (心印):

With both of small fingers and ring fingers crossing inwards, both middle fingers erect and tips touching other, both index fingers bent on the middle sections of middle fingers as if hooks; both of thumbs pressing onto the middle section of middle fingers.

The mantra:

Namah samantah vajra nam tara tram gaja nama harusa nasapatraye hum tramaye tramaye hum tram

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Now I talk about the “sword mudra” (劍印):

Left thumb holding onto the finger nails of ring finger and small finger, while left index and middle fingers erected. The right index and middle fingers protruding into left palm with right thumb pressing onto the finger nails of small and index fingers. Another method is to bend the left index finger forming a ring with left thumb tip.

The mantra reads:

Om najra kana Buddha sita hum hum kasi kasi yina yurisi maha livisa supata ah hrih ha phat arya jala agaku kinji raya siyi maga riye juru namo svaha

Then I shall talk about the “Vajra Mudra” (金剛杵印):

Right thumb pressing onto the right index finger nail forming a ring, with rest of three fingers erect and opening up thus forming the mudra.  This is also called the “all karma accomplishment mudra” (成就一切事業印).

The mantra:

Namo samantah vajra nam am acalaka jalu sataye hum phat

Then I speak of the “Precious Mountain Mudra” (寶山印):

One should cross all his 10 fingers inwards forming a fist.

Then I speak of the “Head Mudra” (頭印):

One’s 4 left fingers holding the left thumb forming a fist and then the fist is placed on the head.

Then I speak of the “Pigtail Hair Mudra” (垂辮髮髮印):

One’s both ring fingers crossing inwards, both middle fingers erect and touching sideways. Both index fingers lie onto the finger nails of middle fingers. Both thumbs enter in between ring fingers and small fingers with thumbs back to back. Two small fingers erect and tips touching each other. Now the mudra is placed on top of one’s head.

Also if one turns the “Pigtail Hair Mudra” upside down and places it on one’s forehead, this shall become the “Arya Eye Mudra” (聖者眼印).

Now I talk about “Mouth Mudra” (口印):

Both small fingers crossing inwards and they are held by both ring fingers, two middle fingers touching side by side, tow index fingers pressing onto the finger nails of middle fingers. Two thumbs erecting with sides touching and face outwards. When this mudra is placed in front of one’s mouth, this becomes the mouth mudra.

Now I talk about the “Armor Mudra” (甲印):

Both hands leaning back to back with both index fingers and ring fingers leaning back to back, both thumbs, middle fingers and small fingers first leaning back to back and then open up.

Now I shall talk about the “Lion In Action Mudra” (師子奮迅印):

First one should make the prayer’s position. Then both ring fingers bent inwards into the palms back to back. Both index fingers bent as if hooks at the back of middle fingers. Both thumbs and small fingers erected and extended outwards. One should hold this mudra and making gesture of stretching one’s back and walk around the altar as if a lion.

Now let me talk about the “Flame Mudra” (火焰印):

One’s right thumbs bent holding middle, ring and small fingers with index finger erected and touching the center of left palm and all 5 left fingers opens up.

Now I talk about the “Flame Control Mudra” (制火焰印):

With one’s both hands forming fists with both thumbs protruding out in between index and middle fingers. Both of the fists must be touching each other.

Now I talk about the “Sangha Mudra” (商佉印):

With both small fingers crossing each other inwards, both middle and ring finger tips touching each other, both index finger tips bent and lean onto the back of middle fingers, both thumbs each pressing onto the index finger tips.

Starting from the “Precious Mountain Mudra” onwards, one should choose the mudra that is liked by Acala to empower his/her ritual and then all shall be successful.

Now I talk about the “Noose Mudra” (索印):

Both hands forming vajra fists and then erecting both index fingers and then the right index finger is plugged into the left fist and hold as such. One should hold the mudra at his/her heart level and recites the below mantra:

Namo samantah vajra nam apa sapanduna hum phat

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Stri Samaya Acalanatha Krodha Raja Cetaka Sadhana 1 Chapter

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Buddha’s Teeth Mantra Sutra (佛說呪齒經 )

The Buddha’s Teeth Mantra Sutra
No. 1327


Namo Buddhaya. Namo Dharmaya. Namo Bhikkhus Sangha. Namo Sariputra. Maha Maudgalyayana Bhikkhus. Namo Awaken Mind. On the famous Mountain Mahayan situated on the northern part of Ganda. There is a king of worms named Jahubo (差吼無) that stays in some tooth of a person. Now you should order it so that it should not consume that particular tooth; including the root and sides of the tooth. Otherwise its head shall be broken into 7 pieces such as the Kurajin worm (鳩羅勤蟮). Brahma advocates this mantra. Namo Buddha it is the hope that everything is according to my mantra.