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T21n1280 Saraswati Sadhana (伎藝天女念誦法)

Mahesvara Devaraja Abhijna Upapaduka Saraswati Sadhana

At that time Mahesvara deva raja was at Mahesvara heaven surrounded by various devi performing mahābhijñā-vikrīḍita (神通遊戲) and playing various vadya (伎樂/music). Suddenly in between the hair of Mahesvara eminated a devi with perfect features and best musical skills. No other deva and devi can win her. She spoke amongst the crowd:

“Now for the benefit of all, I have a secret dharani ritual that can fulfill wishes, grant auspicious, abundance, richness and happiness matters according to one’s wish. Now I should speak of the dharani:

Namah vadsi mayak sika devi para patiye sikaraja hleem tadyata: siva rati vira maralini hum phat svaha”

After Saraswati has spoken the dharani, she told the devas:

“If one wishes to recite my dharani, he/she should first setup a shrine (道場) and decorate it accordingly. After that he/she should make offerings of various fragrant flowers. The sadhaka should fast and abstinence and that he/she should recite dharani for 10,000 times or 100,000 times. The sadhaka should refrain from eating meat and drinking alcohol and that he/she should stay away from wife/husband. If one can keep himself/herself clean, then the/she shall attain accomplishment quickly. After that, the sadhaka can use the dharani at will and then attain accomplishments.

Before one wishes to perform sadhana, he/she must perform boundary protection (結界). He/she can empower water or ash with 7 times of dharani recitation and then spread the water/ash around the place hence forming boundary protection. NO spirits can approach the sadhaka.

If one recites dharani for 1,000 times, then all devas and nagas, human and non-human shall be fond of the person. If one recites 2,000 times, then all spirits shall guard this sadhaka. If the sadhaka recites 3,000 times, then all spirits of herbs shall come before him/her, all gods of flowers, fruits and forests shall be willing to serve this person. If one recites for 4,000 times, all Vitara ghosts (毘多羅鬼) shall respect the sadhaka. If one recites for 5,000 times, then all naga-deva and retinues, men and women shall respect and love this person. If one recites 6,000 times, then all yaksa and retinues male and female shall be willing to serve the sadhaka. If the sadhaka recites for 7,000 times, then all devaraja Madaru (摩達嚕) etc together with retinues shall be the sadhaka’s servants and they shall serve him/her without resting. If one recites 8,000 times, then all magicians and rsi etc shall be fond of the sadhaka. If one recites for a full of 10,000 times, then all deva, yaksa, gandharva, asaru, kinara, maharaga, human and non-human etc until Sakita-deva and all spirits (塞乾陀天) shall be willing to follow the sadhaka, they shall make the sadhaka in abundance and auspicious always.

Also if one wishes to stop draught, then he/she should perform boundary protection according to ritual and perform homa sadhana and recites this dharani for 10,000 times. The rain shall immediately fall but if the rain falls in excessive and wishes the rain to stop; then he/she can recites dharani for 108 times to empower clean ash and then the ash is thrown towards the sky. The rain shall immediately stop.

If one is about to be harmed by his/her enemy, then he/she should use cinnabar (朱砂) or red soil to write the person’s name or draw the enemy’s shape. Then the name/figure is stepped with the sadhaka’s left foot and performs sadhana. After night, the sadhaka should recite the dharani for 108times, and then the enemy regardless of distance shall come and seek solutions with the sadhaka; the enemy shall in turn love and respect the sadhaka.

If one wishes to summon all spirits, then he/she should give rise to compassion heart and then recites mantra for 108 times and then offers the food to the spirits; and later deploy these spirits to work. They shall be happy and stay with the sadhaka always.

If one wishes to summon all people, then he/she should empower water with 7 times dharani recitation and then spread the water towards four directions and then looking at the persons’ direction and further recites dharani for 108 times, then weather the people know this person or otherwise, they shall rush to the sadhaka and perform whatever work the sadhaka asks.

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If one is about to be harmed by his/her enemy, then he/she should recite dharani for 108 times faithfully then the enemy’s body shall be as if stricken by fire. If the enemy yield to the sadhaka, then he/she can recite dharani 7 times and then say ‘release’ then the enemy shall recover as normal.

If a married couple is in discord as if fire and water, then the sadhaka can write their names secretly and in accordance to previous ritual and step on to the names with left foot and call their names for 1080 times, the couples shall in turn love each other dearly forever.

If one loves ladies up to deva-kanya (天女), palace ladies (女婇) up to the concubines and love ones of Indra-deva; then he/she can perform ritual as mentioned above and the devi shall come to serve the sadhaka and they shall not transgress the order of sadhaka or leave him/her.

If one wishes to summon lady yaksa etc in order to get various treasures, then the lady yaksa shall come with treasures and she would be willing to become one’s wife and serve him.

If one wishes to be loved by nobles, then he/she can call the noble’s name and recites sadhana for 1,080 times; the noble shall come to pay his/her respect and serve the sadhaka.

If one has dealings with government officials, then he/she should recite dharani 7 times sincerely and then look at the direction of the officials, then the government officials shall be happy to see the sadhaka and assist him/her.

If one loves a man/woman, then he/she can use the fat of swallow or juice of red and blue flowers to be painted under the feet. And then he/she can use fire to burn the feet and then close them with both hands while calling the names. The target shall come immediately according to one’s wish until intimacy. The person shall not part with the sadhaka until the end of life (after calling the name, one should add ‘phat’ after ‘svaha’).

If a lady wants a man, then she can perform ritual as above mentioned and the person shall come according to her wish.

If one wishes to see manifestations of spirits, then he/she can get some fire woods from crematory, by burning a piece of wood; a dharani is recited until a total number of 108 times. Then the spirits shall manifest themselves.

Also if one wishes to have all treasures, then he/she shall recite dharani according to his/her convenience; he/she shall get what he/she wants.

If one wishes to make someone fall into trance to ask for unknown matters, then it does not matter if the person is clean or unclean. One only needs to think of the satya-devata and recites dharani faithfully, immediately the person shall fall into trance and he/she shall tell all matters about the three times. It is possible to make hundred thousand to fall into trance by asking them to recite dharani together.

If someone in the family has run away, then he/she can write the name as before and recites dharani and the runaway person shall return. If he/she fails to return, then the sadhaka can use ash to draw his/her shape and perform ritual 3 times a day: with once dharani recitation, the image is being struck once. The runaway person shall return in fear and as quick as wind between 1 to 7 strokes.

If one wishes to cure all illnesses, then he/she can get khadira wood (佉陀羅木) 21 pieces and perform homa by reciting dharani once and a piece of wood is thrown into fire. As such the illnesses shall be gone.

If one has mental illnesses, then he/she can get some Awe medicine (阿魏藥), benzoin, manah-sila (雄黃), white mustard seeds (白芥子), Aristolochia debilis Sieb (青木香), Chinaberry leafs (若練葉) etc to make 49 pills. With one dharani recitation and one pill is thrown into fire; then the mental illnesses shall be gone.

If one is possessed by fox spirits, then he/she can get some manah-sila (雄黃), white mustard seeds (白芥子), syamka/ligusticum chuanxiong hort. (芎藭), bush clover (獨頭萩), rhino horn (犀角), black buck urine (羖羊尿), water chestnut (白馬懸蹄) and black spots on the internal side of donkey/horse legs (驢馬夜眼). All of the above materials should be grinned into powder and made into pills. After the pills are empowered with 108 times dharani recitations, they are burnt and the smoke is used to fumigate the nose of the possessed person. Some pills should also be rubbed onto the body of the possessed person then the spirits shall leave.

All of the above mentioned benefits shall come true and speedily achieves accomplishment. Whatever ritual one does should be done with sincerity. If the rituals are performed haphazardly and lack of sincerity, then no rituals shall work. One only needs to perform ritual with sincerity once and the ritual shall work for him/her.

I am only roughly spoken briefly; the rest of the methods cannot be exhausted. If one wishes to see real results, then he/she should first draw my image and set it up in the center of the mandala; and that he/she should make offerings according to ritual then the person shall attain accomplishment quickly.

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The Method For Drawing Image Of Mahesvara Devi

First one should draw the Mahesvara-devaraja with 3 faces and 6 arms. He has scarily strange but solemn facial expression. An unsurpassed wonderfully pleasant looking devi is emanated from the hairs of Mahesvara. She is wearing devi garments with ornaments. The devi is wearing armlets on both of her wrists and she is holding a piece of heavenly flower in her left palm which is facing upward; while her right hand is facing downwards making the gesture of holding her skirt. Her image can be 3 feet or at a size that is convenient to the artist. After that, the image should be worshipped in an altar.

The Mandala For Wish Fulfilling

The height should be 4 fingers or elbows. The mandala should have 4 doors on each side with benzoin burning inside eastern door, agarwood incense burning inside the southern door mastic leafs (馬尾) burning inside the western door burning turusika incense (兜樓婆香). In the center of the mandala should be placed the image of satya-devata. At each of the four corners should be hung a knife and a mirror. Two arrows should be placed at each of the four doors. On both sides of the southern door, Vinayaka places should be setup. On the four sides of the mandala, one should place sweet and crisp flowers and fruits as offerings.

The Mandala Of Fire Offering

The homa furnace should measure 12 fingers depth and the furnace can be one elbow wide. One should make the image of his/her enemy beside the furnace and then he/she should use a knife to cut the image during sadhana. One should use thorns of Gleditsia Sinensis Lam (皂夾) and various poisons as fuel. With one dharani recitation, a piece of thorn/wood is burnt. After 49 times or 108 times, the magic should work and the enemy shall be removed.

If one wishes to cure illnesses, the method is also as above. One should make the shape of the spirits then break the woods and burns them; then even the fatal illnesses shall be cured.

The mudra of Mahesvara mahābhijñāvikrīḍitāḥ nirmana mūrdha-gata Saraswati siddhārthaḥ mudra (摩醯首羅大自在天神通遊戲變化頂生眾伎藝天女成就法印):

Both hands in prayer’s position, both ring fingers and middle fingers crossing each other externally and resting on the back of each hand; both index fingers (and small fingers) slightly bent as if jewel. Both thumbs moving to and fro hence becomes the mudra.

The summoning mantra (請召明) reads:

Namah mahesvaraye vedsi mamo sikaye yihesi svaha

After one has made the mudra, he/she should further recite the above mantra 7 times to summon Saraswati and her retinues. Once summon, they should come and bestow various accomplishments.

Secondly one should make the abhijna summoning mudra (神通攝召一切印):

With right middle finger erected, then the right ring finger resting on the back of middle finger. The index finger is used to summon, and then use the index finger to press onto the small finger nail and thumb nail. The middle finger is making hook facing outwards. This hook is moved to and fro and then reciting the fundamental dharani. The sadhaka should add the names of the ones he/she wishes to summan before ‘svaha’.

If one makes this mudra and recites mantra to summon all, they shall come immediately. This abhijna summoning mudra can be used in other places.

If one comes across his/her enemies who want to harm him/her, then make this mudra and erecting the middle finger while looking at the persons, the enemies shall disperse. If this mudra is used to point at spirits, the spirits shall be destroyed.

When one makes this mudra and recites fundamental mantra to empower heart, forehead, throat and top of head; this becomes the protection mudra. All sprits shall not dare to come close. The method should be taught by a guru personally in a secret clean room; the mantra should be recited secretly. After each recitation, the image of Saraswati should be covered by a piece of clean silk and that one should not disclose this method to others. If one simply discloses this secret, then his/her magic shall be lost forever. So be careful.

The image of Saraswati can be either painted or sketched. It should be placed in the center of the mandala. A devakanya should be placed at left and right sides of Saraswati. If one sets up a seat in the center of the mandala, the appearance of the Saraswati should be smiling and she should be in the form of a devakanya. Two seats for maid devakanyas should be setup at the back of Saraswati. The front should be left for the fire place for the burning of various incenses and medicines for Saraswati. If this is not possible to setup a furnace, then one should put a treasure bowl (寶盆) filling with perfume or beautiful flowers also possible. One should not place knives and arrows inside the four corner and four doors, but it should be possible to place them outside of the mandala. One cal also draws the knives and arrows. Only that mirrors should be placed inside the four corners of the mandala. As with other mandala methods, one should press a sarva-vajra (羯磨杵) at the place before one places the items.

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If one draws the mandala, one should draw clouds of 5 colours on the grounds surrounding the four sides of the mandala as if the clouds are supporting the mandala which is emerging from the ground.

The Mahesvara Saraswati mūrdha-gata Sadhana

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