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T21n1266 Idem Heruka Vinayaka Upacara (雙身毘那夜迦法)

T21N1266 Idem Heruka Vinayaka Upacara (雙身毘那夜迦法)


大興善寺三藏沙門不空奉 詔譯

 (Taken from Dharani Sajnipata Sutra (陀羅尼集經), chapter 11: Sarva-Deva last part)

Body Mantra (身呪)

Namo vinayaka sathastri mukhataniyata om nayaka nayaka vinayaka vinayaka trapari trayika sangkhahastri sangkha khagajita santigala svaha
Heart Mantra (心呪)

Om nri nie

Center of heart mantra (心中心)

Om nie nie hum svaha

If one wishes to practise this deva-upacara (天法), first he/she should draw the image; or he/she should use white wax (白鑞), copper (), wood etc and flowering woods (花木) to cast or carve the image is also acceptable.

The image should be a couple hugging each other while standing measuring 5 inches tall each, or 7 inches also acceptable. The heads should be elephant heads and human bodies. One should not argue about the price of making the holy image. After the image is created, then he/she should wait until the 1st day of a White Month and go into a clean room.

Then he/she should use clean cow dung to paint a round mandala of any size. Then the sadhaka should get one liter (一升) of fine clear sesame oil and fill the oil into a clean copper container. He/she should use the above mantras to empower oil for 108 times. The oil shall become warm and then the idol is put into the oil and then placed in the center of the mandala.

One should use a clean copper spoon or dipper to collect the oil in order to be poured onto the top of both of the images for 108 times. This ritual should be performed 7 times a day: 4 times during the dawn and 3 times at noon. So a total of 7 times should be performed.

After that, one should continue to pour oil onto the image every day for 7 days. Then whatever one wishes shall come true. What needs to be done is during the oil pouring process, the person should continuously making vows. In addition, he/she should use butter and honey to mix with fried flour () and make dough. Together with carrot root, one cup of wine, mahotikā (歡喜團/Indian traditional food), flowers, fruits etc.

As such every day new offerings should be made then all good matters shall be accomplished and all disasters shall be diminished. However, the foods should be consumed by the sadhaka in order to receive the power.

The invitation mudra (請召印):

Both small fingers and ring fingers hook at each other inward; immediately both middle fingers erected and crossing each others. Again both index fingers each erect and leaning onto the middle fingers. Both of thumbs also erect at the sides of index finger sides. Both thumbs moving to and fro.

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The mantra:

Om pingala junami vataya

This should be recited 7 times.
The mantra for praising (讚歎呪):

Om ganapati santi sarva siddhi maha ganapati svaha

The departure mantra (送呪):

Om pinggala junami vataya svaha

This mantra is to be recited 7 times.

The mantra for water protection (呪水護身呪):

Om kiri kiri vajra hum phat

When one wishes to perform ritual, then he/she should first recite the above mantra at water 7 times. After that this water is used to rinse mouth. Also one should get some water and empowers it with mantra 7 times. Then he/she should use a willow twig to sprinkle the water onto his/her body for protection. After that he/she can enter the ritual room to perform ritual.

The mantra for bathing (洗浴呪):

Om anapujari vaparina svaha

The above mantra should be recited to water 7 times for bathing.

The ritual for summoning Vinayaka:

When a person wishes to conjure all devas, he/she should make the Tiṣya-rakṣitā mudra (帝殊羅施印):

Both small fingers and ring fingers cross inwards towards both palms. Both middle finger tips erect with tips touching. Both index fingers leading onto the lower half section of first section of middle fingers. Both thumbs move to and fro.

The mantra for summoning and dispatching (來去呪):

Om shudra paramutaniya svaha

The mantra should be recited 7 times.

If a sadhaka feels frightened by nightmare or he/she sees all kinds of animals and bad visions etc. He/she should that is the wrath of Viyanaka-raja. When one sees those scenes in the dream, he/she should feel ashamed and he/she should pacify the Viyanaka-raja so that it is not angry as next day there would be food offerings to thank for its service.

Then one should use water to make a two elbows diameter round water mandala, it is also acceptable if the mandala is as big as a plate. Immediately he/she should get 5 pieces of ‘steam cakes’ (蒸饼) and 3 pieces cooked carrot roots cooked by burning in fire. If there are flowers then offer them and burns sarja-rasa (白膠), kunduruka (薰陸) and other incenses in the mandala.

The sadhaka enter the mandala from the west side and he/she should sit facing east. After that he/she should recite the Mahesvara mantra for 108 times. Then he/she should say: “I am ashamed, please go.” After said so, various items in the mandala should be filled onto a plate and the sadhaka should went out towards the west and then throws the items. Northwestern direction is also acceptable. He/she should say:


Once said so, he/she should throw the items and return home.

The Mahesvara mantra (大自在天呪):

Om (1) vitalasani (2) paramaritani (3) cintani cintani (4) pintani pintani (5) svaha

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The mantra should be recited for 108 times and the sadhaka shall feel happy not only in the dreams. But if he/she feels there are evil matters, then he/she should immediately perform the above ritual and all shall be fine.

The method of image creation (造像法):

The image should be standing with elephant head and human body. Its left task is protruding but right task is broken. It faces towards left slightly and its nose extending outwards. It has 6 arms: the upper left holding a knife, the middle left holding a plate of fruits and the lower left hand holds a chakra. The upper right hand holds a baton, the middle right hand holds a lasso and lower right hand holds a task. One should not bargain about price of making this image. The payment must be made in full. It is acceptable if one choose to cast, carve or draw the image.

This secret Idem-maha-acarya-musti-upacara (大聖大祕要法/most secret ganesha ritual) is rare in human world, one truly should be careful so as not reveal it.

Idem Heruka Vinayaka Upacara

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