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T21n1291 The Deep Sand General Ritual (深沙大將儀軌)

The Deep Sand General Upacara


大興善寺三藏沙門大廣智不空奉 詔譯

Then Avalokitesvara bodhisattva rose from his seat amongst the congregation. He performed full body prostration respecting the Buddha’s feet. After that he said to the Buddha:

“I have one mantra, one mudra and mantras of three servants that can bestow great accomplishment methods. For the benefits, peace and happiness of virtuous men and women in this world; it is my hope Blessed One pity me and listen to what I wish to say. The mantra:

Namo ratna (1) trayaya (2) namo aryavalokite (3) tista (4) seye seye seye (5) paheniseyutali (6) kala kala mara mara jala jina (8) sapa karma tara nani (9) mipati svaha (10)

Anyone who recites this mantra, his/her bad karma shall be destroyed. If he/she persisted to recite seven times, then all his/her 5 serious sins shall also be removed. If this person recites for a full 1,000 times, all sins shall be purified. If the person recites for a total of 100,000 times, then he/she shall be able to see Avalokitesvara with various ornaments.

During the initial of ritual within 7 days’ period, the mantri can only consume milk, porridge and butter. He/she should fast during the last day. On the 15th day, the mantri should recite mantra as many times as possible in front of the Buddha.

If the mantri hears the statue speaks “very good” and then emits light; and it further placed pearls and precious items on the head of the mantri. Then the mantri this is the sign of success. He/she shall see Avalokitesvara and having all his/her kind wishes granted.

Also the mantri shall dream of Avalokitesvara wearing various ornaments, that also means whatever his/her kind efforts shall be successful. All his/her bad karma shall be removed.

Secondly, I shall describe one mudra for the benefit of sentient beings. This mudra can accomplish 32 types and various accomplishments:

Two hands crossing at wrists back to back, two thumb tips touching two index finger tips forming swords. If the mantri makes this mudra towards the space and the space shall transform into a heavenly canopy. Areas of 10 directions including heavens shall become protected boundary. If the mantri makes this mudra towards his satya-devata, then this shall become vast offerings. If he/she uses this mudra in rituals, then this shall become vast prostration (普禮). This shall be the dedication of merits (迴向) at the end of a ritual. Also if the mantri wishes to save, dispatch or to subdue evil people, then he/she should make the mudra one heartedly and with hatred heart, he/she should recite the mantra for 108 times. Then whatever external paths did shall be destroyed.

If a person suffers from heart disease, the mantri can empower yellow soil and rub the soil at the patient’s heart and his/her illness shall be gone.

If a person suffers from head disease, he/she can empower earth and fire (土火).

If one suffers from eye disease, then he/she should empower almond seed oils and rub. The disease shall be cured.

If one suffers from swollen body, then empower rice remains () and rub against the patient’s body and his/her problem shall be cured.

If one wishes to exorcise demonic entities, then he should empower chinaberry wood (苦木) and the entities shall leave the person.

Thirdly, complete summoning of the three generals and 28 divisions:

The mantri’s left palm facing upwards and he/she should move his/her thumb to and fro. At this point, the heavenly servant (天上使者) named Pikala (費迦羅) and also known as ‘fully pure’ (淨滿) shall speak secretly:

“Pikala yiksimi svaha’

The mantri’s hand making namaska mudra with both small fingers moving to and fro to summon the servant of the space servant (虛空使者) who is a maha-rsi (大仙) and his name is Vasimi (嚩斯密). He shall say:

‘Siniye svaha’

Then the mantri should raise his/her hands towards the space and moves his/her thumbs to and fro to summon the ‘underground servant’ (下地使者). Whose name is ‘freedom of water, fire and thunder’ (水火雷自); he is also known as Maha-raja (大羅惹). The servant shall speak in secrecy:

“Siniye svaha”

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These three kinds of servants can remove three types of disasters and also three types of additions (). They can destroy karmas of previous lives and bestow the accomplishments/siddhis.

These three servants will not fight with each other; they can bestow power, cause creation and destruction. They can make bowl turn, binding of entities and woods and also make bowl fly.

If a mantri has perfected his/her mantra practice, he/she can fly in the air and become a rsi. He/she can also summon the deva, naga, yaksa and spirits etc. The mantri shall be able to deploy those spirits due to the power.

This is the akatami (阿迦陀密) one mudra with thousand varieties and turning of accomplishments of the three servant’s ritual one chapter.

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